Sonny’s Delta 8 Cookies Spotlight | Centuries Harvest Journal

Sonny’s Delta 8 Cookies Spotlight | Centuries Harvest Journal

Sonny’s Delta 8 Cookies “This ain’t your daddy’s THC”

Growing up I remember every night right before bed, I would have my favorite dessert while watching tv with my family. Good ol’ Oreo cookies and milk, oh and it had to be double stuffed. Dunking the Oreo into the milk and holding it here until the cookie sandwich would get soft enough to melt away in your mouth, delicious! Fast forward to today, there is a new kid on the block looking to recapture that homegrown nostalgia with a little extra baked in.

Delta 8 THC has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years and they’re many companies that have created products like delta 8 carts, gummies, shots, capsules, oil, candies, chocolate…you get the idea. However Sonny stands out among the sea of resellers and shopify stores looking to capitalize on a rising trend. Sonny brings something missing from the segment: passion for creating a high quality homemade delta 8 product.

Today we are going to spotlight Sonny’s Infusions Delta 8 Sandwich Cookie, a very high potency product for experienced delta 8 enthusiasts looking for something different.

The Delta 8 “Oreo” | THC Edibles Cookies

Before we dive into the cookie, let’s take a moment to learn about the man behind it all, Sonny. Based out of Columbus Ohio, Sonny has always been a cannabis enthusiast and wanted to put his passion to work. In fact, Sonny’s story starts with his own family, his aunt, to be more specific. She always enjoyed the effects of CBD lotion but products like this were always very expensive.

So in 2018, he decided it was time to make a difference and started making his own CBD lotions for family and friends!

After Sonny realized how much of an impact this had, in 2020 he took time to get a hemp license in the state of Ohio. In fact to this day he is the ONLY certified and licensed delta 8 manufacturer in the Buckeye state! Once the delta 8 wave hit, there was a large demand for quality edibles that needed to be filled.

So Sonny does what he knows best and puts his skills to work creating a new delta 8 edible.

Sonny’s Infusions Delta 8 THC Cookie Sandwich

Sonny always had a passion for cooking great food, having a good time with THC, and making his friends and family happy. Thus his homemade authentic delta 8 cookie sandwich was born! As a delta 8 THC user, this cookie is NOT for first timers. As it says on Sonny’s website, a single cookie contains 100mg of delta 8 THC.

To put this into perspective, average THC products contain about 20mg of delta 8 THC. 20mg is normally enough to give you into a good mood, however, this chocolate cookie edible has 5 times that amount! Now just because you love cooking and THC, doesn’t mean you can put ingredients together and call it good.

What sets Sonny’s apart? Well just like reputable delta 8 manufactures, each batch of his THC cookies are sent off to an independent lab to be 3rd party tested.

On Sonny’s Infusions Instagram you will find a picture of his Certificate of Analysis conducted by New Bloom Labs. Here we can see both delta 8 and delta 9 contents for each serving of his cookie sandwich.

Sonny holding the Delta 8 “Oreo” which are THC Edibles Cookies

Now I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “where can I buy and try one of these out?” Well unfortunately Sonny only sells to local stores via wholesale, you’ll call around to see if any local shops carry his products.

However if you’re in Florida, I have great news for you!

Centuries Harvest CBD, Kratom and Delta 8 Products Shop, Bradenton, FL

As I mentioned above, Sonny only sells his delicious delta 8 cookies wholesale to businesses. So If you are located in Manatee County, or anywhere in Florida, you’re in luck! Welcome to Centuries Harvest CBD, Kratom, Delta 8 shop located at 3207 Manatee Ave W. Bradenton, FL 34205. Here you can find Sonny’s Cookie Sandwich in-store for you to try! Sonny’s Treats are also located at both Centuries Harvest Locations in Ohio, 44 Price Road in Newark and 3602 E. Main Street in Columbus!

We pride ourselves in offering premium products for our customers to enjoy. From kratom to delta 8, we carry a wide variety to fit your needs! Sign up HERE for to join our mailing list for in store discounts and online coupons! Make sure to visit to buy his products online!