Marijuana vs Delta 8 for anxiety and depression

Marijuana vs Delta 8 for anxiety and depression

Delta 8, an increasingly popular substance that has taken the industry by storm. You’ve probably heard about it from a friend or seen it in store, probably thinking what is delta 8? And can it provide the same benefits as traditional pot/marijuana/delta 9 when suffering from anxiety and depression.

Well today we’re going to find out and see if this alternative option is right for you!

What is delta 8 THC?

As I mentioned above delta 8 THC is derived from hemp and is closely related to delta 9 THC (which is commonly known as regular THC that contains the psychoactive chemical from cannabis which provides the “high” you feel when consuming). Speaking of consuming, delta 8 THC is rarely smoked. You will typically find delta 8 in carts that are vaped or edibles.

Without getting into the sciences too much delta 8 is a less psychoactive intensive product when compared to delta 9. This is primarily thanks to how its manufactured. Thanks to the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act, also known as the “Farm Bill” it allows companies to create delta 8 products legally if it is derived from hemp.

Delta 8 THC and Mental Health

The main concern for those who take delta 9 THC for assistance with mental health are the effects of the psychoactive cannabinoids. For some, that feeling can have a negative impact, and deter them from continuing to ingest traditional delta 9 THC for medical use. Along with other potential side effects like headache, nausea, and diarrhea.

For those individuals who suffer from mental health issues like depression and anxiety it can be difficult to overcome. Many look for alternative solutions to traditional medication, and this is where delta 8 THC can really make a difference being derived from a natural plant product like hemp.

Please note before stopping your medication or trying a delta 8 product to assist with your anxiety or depression, it’s important to consult with your doctor, as they are medical professionals.

Potential Improvement in Brain Health

One for the primary reasons why delta 8 products like carts and edibles have risen in popularity is the positive impact it has on your brain. Expert researchers have found that delta 8 THC has shown very high neuroprotective potential. Other findings have showed stimulations in the body’s central nervous system. Specifically, the denyle cyclase system. Delta 8 THC also has the potential to regulate potassium and calcium in the body.

Pain and Ache Management

If you’re someone who performs manually intensive labor tasks for work, plays recreational sports, or consistently works out, you probably deal with inflammation. Delta 8 THC has found to also assist with the management of aches and pain directly related to inflammation. Since it’s not as addictive as Delta 9 THC it is a welcomed legal alternative for some.

Anxiety and Depression

The main purpose of this article, does delta 8 pose as a better alternative for assisting with depression and anxiety when compared to pot? Yes. Firstly, delta 8 THC is legal in the US since it derives from hemp, secondly it does not include the psychoactive effects the delta 9 THC contains, so not “high” feeling. Lastly, it can be found easily online or at your local smoke shop.

Just be sure whichever delta 8 product you choose that it comes with its own Certificate of Authority. This certifies the product has been 3rd party lab tested. Most reputable store owners will only stock products that provide this.

What about Nausea?

In the past, medical professionals used to prescribe delta 9 THC to treat some patients with nausea, but because of the psychoactive effects, some patients preferred not to use it. Now that delta 8 has become widely available and does not have these effects, more and more people who suffer nausea are discovering the benefits.

How Can I Take Delta 8 THC?

When it comes to delta to consuming delta 8 they’re 3 main ways of doing so:

Cooking – For those who purchase the hemp flower.

Vaping – Purchase carts from smoke shops or online stores.

Smoking – Usually from a pipe or rolling papers.


For those who are food junkies, or chiefs who enjoy creating delta 8 infused meals, cooking is a very popular way to consume delta 8. While I am no chief, it’s very easy to look online and find recipes you can follow.


They’re tons of delta 8 vaping carts on the market and they’re a couple of ways to use them. If you have your own vaping tool, then you can get the refills for that specific model. Or some companies will have the carts and vaping tool in 1 package, making it more convenient for potential users.


The most popular method for intaking delta 8, you can also smoke the hemp flower. Grinding it down and putting it in a pipe or rolling it up with paper are the top 2 ways for smoking delta 8 THC flowers.


We’re at the end of the journey, and today we have discussed how delta 8 THC provides more benefit for those who suffer from anxiety and depression when compared to Pot/ traditional THC. Many of the ways to take it and other reasons why you may want to use delta 8 THC.

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