Delta 8 and Kratom Gift Ideas from Centuries Harvest

Delta 8 and Kratom Gift Ideas from Centuries Harvest

Wintertime is known to be the season of gathering and giving, yet it can also be the most stressful time of the year. If you’re having a difficult time figuring out what present to get that special delta 8 or kratom enthusiast in your life this holiday season, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. At Centuries Harvest we have a wide selection of products and put a list together of the best gift ideas to send to the important people in your life this holiday season and beyond!


DVNT – Delta 8 Pre-rolls Box

Who doesn’t want a tasty, high-quality, potent, joint? DVNT blunts offer a selection of different flavors that any consumer will fall in love with. Give your special person the big 10 pack! We offer popular DVNT flavors that include:
Shapeshifter: Enjoy bright citrus notes of pineapple and earth. An overall body relaxation that produces long lasting energetic effects that you can feel right away.
Mindsifter: Enjoy a light peachy flavor with earth tones. An overall body relaxation that produces both energetic and calm effects that you can feel right away.
Each preroll has 1 gram of California grown bud with 10% delta 8 thc. That’s 100mg per preroll and 1000mg per pack.


NVUS – HHC Premium Vape Cart – D8+THC-O+HHC

Looking for something more than a regular vape cartridge to gift this season? Then look no further! NVUS Premium Vape Cartridges have a specially formulated blend with rich and mouthwatering flavors such as ice cream cake, blue dream, slurricane, unicorn piss (trust) and many more! They’re infused with 300mg+ of Delta-8, 300mg+ HHC, and 300mg+ THC-O 8 so not only will their mind be at ease, their body will feel euphoric.


Cosmic Drops THC-P Gummies

Does the person you are going to gift have a sweet tooth? Give them the joy of THC-P gummies! Cosmic Drop gummies are a potent type of THC-infused candy that offers an easy and delicious way to consume cannabis.
Each gummy contains 100mg of THC and a jar contains 20 pieces of yummy candies. These gummies offer a powerful high and may produce a variety of effects including relaxation, enhanced senses, and other sensations! Cosmic Drops come in three flavors: sour watermelon, blue raspberry, and tropical punch.


Feel Free Botonic Tonics

Feel Free Botonic Tonics are made from pineapple juice, kava root and kratom leaves to potentially ease the end-of-the-year-anxieties. Kava contains ingredients called kavalactones which can possibly help you feel more relaxed, in a better mood, and may even improve your energy.
Kava root has been known to calm the mind, so there is a possibility to even use these Botonic Tonics for occasional aches or general stress. This Feel Free tonic has been discussed by many to enhance productivity and focus while containing no alcohol or caffeine! Feel Free (get it?) to bring the holiday cheer to your family and friends with this got-to-have gift.


MIT Therapy Nano Shot

Surprise your loved ones with the MIT Therapy Nano shot, touted by many in the community as the fastest acting kratom product in the market! Kratom enthusiasts have stated this power shot can be felt within 5 minutes after drinking.
The MIT Therapy Nano Shot contains about 150 milligrams of mitragyna speciosa extract, all in a small to-go-bottle. This is great winter gift, as one of the side effects is increased body sensation and temperature. You cannot go wrong when gifting this claimed shot of energy and focus, who wouldn’t want to feel like you can accomplish anything?


CBD Ayurvedic Tea Bags

There’s nothing like a cup of freshly brewed tea to unwind after a long day especially if it has CBD in it. CBD tea contains CBD extract from hemp not marijuana which mean this tea bags are THC free. Oftentimes CBD tea is interchangeable with hemp tea. We recommend Ayurvedic Tea bags, this blend is known for containing enriching herbs which have been around for centuries, which many have claimed to promote good health and regeneration.


Gift Card

Gift cards are a great choice when people know what store or hobby they like but don’t know what they have or prefer. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and saves the giver from the disappointment of giving a bad gift. So, if you know that your giftee likes delta-8 or kratom and don’t know what product in specific they use, a gift card to Harvest Centuries is a perfect and safe idea! If you buy a $20 gift card, you can get a $5 coupon for yourself! It’s a win-win situation!


Centuries Harvest

Delta 8 products are all-natural hemp-derived cannabinoids that are popular for their powerful, relaxing and energetic highs. Most people enjoy Delta 8 and kratom products for their potential to improve their state of mind. You cannot go wrong giving any or all of these gifts to the delta 8 connoisseur in your life. While these popular gifts are perfect for the holiday season, know that almost all of these trendy gifts are suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming gifts, and more.

Thanks for reading!