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Different types of Kratom | Bradenton, FL

Kratom, an extremely unique and natural substance that has help so many. Just a simple leaf on a tree in Southeast Asia known as the Mitragyna speciosa tree that has been around for centuries. But for those of you who are new and looking to gain insight, or veterans needing a quick reminder, we are going to cover the different types of kratom colors and how each of their effects work. This is vital to having the right experience for you.

They’re 3 major kratom veins that come of the Mitragyna speciosa tree leaves. Red, White, and Green. The way each color vein is harvested will depend on how mature the leaf is. In the beginning stages, kratom leaves will start out white, continue to age until green, then finally ending up red. Why are these colors important? Depending on which experience you’re looking for choosing the right vein is important for feeling the desired effects.
In today’s post I’ll go over a ton of information on what the effects are for each vein, and some common strain types.

Kratom Vein Colors and Effects

While they’re many strains of kratom, the 3 major colors are going to determine the effects you’ll experience. Let’s dive into what you need to know for the desired outcome. Remember, choosing the right color is vital!

Kratom: White Vein

  • Effect: The white vein is focused uplifting and energizing yourself.
  • When should I take this? Kratom users have reported taking this in the morning for a boost of energy, when you’re in need of focus, or if you’re feeling down and need a little pick-me-up.
  • Chemical Alkaloid Makeup: High in mitragynine, and very low in 7-hydroxymitragynine.

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, white veins are harvested in the earliest stage of development. As a result, white veins have the highest concentration of the chemical: mitragynine. This is what contributes to the uptick in mood and boost of energy.

Take for example people who start their day with coffee or energy drink for that sweet caffeine rush. Well, it’s been reported by enthusiasts that white kratom can indeed replace these drinks by mixing the powder in their morning tea!

On the flip side, if you’re someone who suffers from “caffeine jitters” this vein may be too energetic for your liking. Green Kratom may be more suitable for someone like yourself.

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Kratom: Green Vein

  • Effects: The green vein is a balance between an uplifting and relaxing.
  • When should I take this? It’s been reported that this vein is ideal when needing some more focus and need assistance with ache management.
  • Chemical Alkaloid makeup: A balance between mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Green veins are the middle child when it comes to kratom. That’s because it’s harvested in the middle of the leaf’s life cycle. Leaving green kratom with the “middle of the road” effect between energy and relaxation.

Probably the most popular strain, green kratom is great for people need help with manage aches, or just need a small boost of energy to get them through the day, without the jitters. Think of it like the diet coke of the three kratom veins: small boost, while feeling relaxed.

Some also believe the strains that various strains produced by green kratom have the most benefit geographically speaking. Meaning, even if strains are produced in different regions of the world, green kratom will still have the balance effect of relaxation and energy.

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Kratom: Red Vein

  • Effects: The red vein brings decompressing and ache management to the table.
  • When should I take this? When you’re having trouble sleeping at night or need some assistance with managing body aches.
  • Chemical Alkaloid Makeup: Moderate to low levels of mitragynine and high in 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Considered the oldest sibling, red veins are harvested during the latest time of their development. With age comes wisdom and calmness, I guess that’s why the red vein is high in in 7-hydroxymitragynine, which contributes to the sedative and ache managing effects.

People who suffer from the effects of anxiety, sleepless nights, and body aches may find great benefit in managing these issues using red vein kratom. If this sounds like something you want to try, start with small dosages to see how your body reacts, then increase the amount slowly. Perhaps start with green kratom then potentially move to red kratom.

Legally, we cannot recommend this as a cure or solution to those issues, but it may be worth trying for yourself!

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Kratom strains from different regions

So far we’ve gone over the more important factor when choosing kratom, the color. With that being said, the regions these leaves come from can also slightly alter the effects. This is due to the growing and harvesting process from the Mitragyna speciosa tree. While I wont dive into every strain, I will go over 3 common ones you will find in many legal and reputable kratom shops. Let’s dive in.

Bali Kratom

We’re starting with arguably the most popular kratom region with the most varieties, Bali. You will find Bali kratom in all 3 color variants, Bali white, Bali green, and Bali red. Bali strains specialize in blending all the different aspects of kratom into a single package for each color.

With effects of mood uplifting and relaxation it is the go-to choice for many veterans, and new kratom enthusiasts.

Indo Kratom

I said above Bali kratom was “arguably the most popular kratom region.” Why? Well Indo kratom strains are also an extremely popular and diverse choice for many. Especially for kratom users who prefer the red vein effects.

Indo strains put an emphasis on mild and relaxing effects, so paired with the oldest sibling, red vein kratom, creates an very potent formula for decompression, relaxation, and management of aches.

Thai Kratom

For those of you looking to kick your caffeine habit by moving on from coffee or energy drinks, the Thai kratom strain is definitely one to consider using. Funny enough, the old story goes that Thai Kratom was regularly used in the past among Thai manual laborers who had long days and dealt with excruciating aches.

Paring Thai strain with white kratom will really put in that extra kick for positive uplifting moods and energy. If this effect is something you’re looking for, I would recommend starting with regular white kratom and moving up to the Thai strain if you need a little bit more.

Final Thoughts on Kratom Colors and Strains

Time to close this article out, if you have made it this far thank you! We pride ourselves in providing clear informative content within the Kratom community. Moving on from that, lets focus on a quick summary of what was discussed today.

So to recap, Kratom is generally made up of 3 major colors. White kratom is harvested the earliest and intended for feeling mood brightening and energy uplift. Green kratom is harvested during the middle life cycle and is all about balancing mood improvement and relaxation. Red kratom, the oldest sibling and harvested last, focuses on relaxation and management of body aches.

In addition to the colors, they’re many strains of kratom that contain unique properties that may alter the effects of each kratom vein. The altered effect will depend on which region the strains are developed in, like Bali, Indo, and Thai.

We’ve saved the best advice for last; we highly and always recommend starting with small dosages when first trying kratom or any new strain. Additionally, we do NOT recommend taking kratom with any other substance. Above all else, always continue to educate yourself about kratom and be sure to only purchase kratom from trustworthy and reputable stores.

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