Flying with Kratom: Q&A, Tips, and Guidelines

Flying with Kratom: Q&A, Tips, and Guidelines

Kratom is a leaf from the southeast Asian tree known as the Mitragyna speciosa. Based on the maturity of the leaf will determine the vein and properties of the kratom (Red, White, or Green). Currently kratom is not federally regulated but is illegal in certain parts of the country. It’s important to know the legal status of the destination state, county, or municipality, you’ll be arriving to avoid any issue. Today we’ll go over some of those places and answer the most important question “Can you fly with kratom?”

Can you fly with Kratom on the plane?

The FDA has put restrictions on the importation of Kratom strains and other products marked with certain botanical names. U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been closely monitoring Kratom over the past few months. It is legal in certain states and cities within the United States. Since kratom is not regulated on the federal level, you can fly with it on the plane within the US. Because kratom is not federally regulated, it is up to each state to determine if it is illegal or not. As of 10/26/2022 Kratom is illegal to possess, buy, sell, or use in the following states:




Rhode Island



The following cities in the United States have also banned the use of kratom:

Oceanside, California

San Diego, California

Monument, Colorado

Parker, Colorado

Sarasota County, Florida

Alton, Illinois

Jerseyville, Illinois

Northern Mississippi

Union County, Mississippi

Franklin County, New Hampshire

Can you fly internationally with kratom?

Since there are no clear worldwide guidelines for using kratom while traveling, countries may vary on their legal standpoint. As of 10/26/2022, it is illegal to possess, buy, sell, or use in the following countries:










New Zealand (unless the person has a prescription from a doctor)





South Korea




Similar to the United States, cities within countries may consider kratom as an illegal substance.  Besides making sure if the country allows kratom, also research if the city you are visiting allows it.

How to Carry Kratom in an Airport

Besides the state’s regulation, there are also airline regulations you must abide by. Bringing powder on a plane is not illegal, but for your own security and peace of mind, make sure it is in its original packaging. In its original package, airport security officials can easily distinguish this new, powder substance that many are not aware of or trained to identify. If airport security cannot easily identify the powdery substance, they cannot detain you, but they can delay you by testing or asking you questions.

Because of the potential delay, it is recommended to get to the airport earlier to avoid missing your flight. Remember TSA is looking for three things: illegal drugs, firearms, and explosives. TSA can swab it for explosives or test the powder for illegal substances. If they do test it, follow their instructions. Do not start a dispute or object to their decision. It can only make matters worse. Instead, remain polite and respectful.

Carry On Bag

According to the TSA, any powder-like substances, including kratom, may be packed in your carry-on bags. If it is larger than 12 oz., it must be put in a separate container for X-ray screening. If you do carry more than 12 oz. you can simply pack it in your checked bag. If you carry liquid kratom, there is still a ban on containers larger than 100ML so make sure you are within these limits for your carry-on.

Checked Bags

It is best to leave the Kratom in a checked bag on the top of your items, not hidden, to avoid suspicion and an unnecessary search of your luggage. Make sure to package your kratom in a secure bag or an unopened ziplock, your luggage goes through tough hands, and you do not want your kratom to be all over your clothes when you open your luggage.

Consequences of taking kratom illegally

Individuals who are caught engaging in illegal behaviors involving drugs face a variety of consequences including: time in jail, heavy fines, a criminal record.


Kratom is a new substance and so legality can change at any moment. It is imperative that you do research on the state or country that you plan to visit before bringing it on your flight. Besides knowing the legality of kratom, be prepared for some interrogation and question of why you are using it. Remember, honesty is the best policy! It is in your best interest to not hide or lie about your kratom. The most important thing is that you travel without incident, have a good time while you’re there, and aren’t inconvenienced by delays. Only thorough research will allow for this to be ensured. Have a safe and great travel!