Top Kratom Gifts for the Holidays

Top Kratom Gifts for the Holidays

Are you confused about what to give as gifts this holiday season? Do you want to give something unique? We all want to give our friends something they will use. If you know your friend loves kratom, then we have the perfect gift giving article for kratom enthusiasts! We have the top 10 best gifts you can give any kratom user! So, get going and find the right present for your loved one. Happy gifting!


10. Kitchen Scale

If you use Kratom powders in small doses, you might not feel its full effect. Meaning this product’s effectiveness depends on the correct administration. This product should therefore be accurate and close to the suggested dose and that is why at number 10, we are recommended grabbing a simple kitchen scale. Your gift recipient will appreciate having a scale like this at since this specific one can calculate accurately down to one gram.


9. Tea Bag

Loose leaf and kratom powder can be put inside of tea bags! Tea bags can be a cute gift idea for those who enjoy taking kratom as tea, enhancing the taste, quality, and aroma. Trust us, enthusiasts will take the extra step to measure the dosage, prep a large amount of tea bags and enjoy their kratom tea for weeks or months to come.


8. Tea Infuser

For enthusiasts that enjoy kratom leaves, tea infusers are a good option as they are not suitable for kratom powders. Tea infusers are used to hold the loose leaves from getting into the tea, but it’s important to choose the right size for the leaves, so the person drinking the tea can have the maximum out of their kratom.


7. Tea Strainer

Tea strainers are used to prevent the loose kratom leaves from getting into your water and are typically used for large quantities of tea. This is a great gift option for those households that use kratom on a daily basis. Tea strainers are also ideal gifts for environmentalists since they are reusable and eco-friendly.


6. Capsules

Typically, already prepared kratom capsules are costly. For a budget friendly gift, you can gift empty gel caps! Your recipient can fill it with whatever powder they want while also modifying the amount of kratom to their own desire. With capsules, your gift receiver can freely take their kratom with them on the go and have the option to have their kratom whenever they want.


5. Capsule Machine

Need to fill 500 capsules in a few minutes? If you want to spend on your spouse, family member, or best friend, you can get them a capsule machine! Capsule machines are easy to use, portable, and allow anyone to create their own capsules from the comfort of their own home. These machines can range from $20 to $50 dollars.


4. Tea Syrup

The benefits of kratom outweigh the taste, but it does not have to taste bad! Get your family and friends flavored syrup to sweeten their kratom tea. There are a variety of flavors to choose from such as fruity flavors like strawberry or unique flavors like lavender or caramel!


3. Personalized Cup or Mug

A mug may seem like a simple gift, yet it’s something they will use every day with their kratom tea. Show your special person you care about them by buying a customized mug or by purchasing a cup that fits their style! Personalized mugs are an easy yet impressive gift idea for any special occasion.


2. Kratom Apparel

For the true kratom fans that like to make it known to the world! Find out their favorite brand of kratom and check their local shop to see if they sell any apparel with their brand. Or trying a custom made shirt with a unique logo or image to proudly display their support for kratom.


1. Gift Cards!

Take the stress out of the holiday season with the gift of a gift card. If you don’t know what to give your loved one, gift cards are the way to go. Right now, if you buy a $20 dollar gift from Century Harvest, you will receive a $5-dollar in store coupon to use at any of our 3 locations. This includes both stores in Ohio (Columbus and Newark), and our store located in Bradenton FL

If you’ve got a kratom enthusiast in your life and don’t know what to get them for the holidays, or whatever occasion you have coming up, stick with something that speaks to their interests. This year, we at Centuries Harvest want to do our part to make the holidays a little bit simpler. We can be of assistance if you or your special someone likes kratom and wish to ask for any kratom-related products. Here are the top 10 best kratom gifts you can give someone.