Top 5 Delta 8 Brands of 2022 Q4 Edition

Top 5 Delta 8 Brands of 2022 Q4 Edition

If you’ve seen a recent blow up of Delta 8 in the cannabis industry lately, you’re not alone. THC is considered a schedule 1 controlled substance by the Controlled Substances Act, section 202C. But in 2018 the Farm Bill was passed that created an exception for tetrahydrocannabinol which can be found in hemp. Paving the way for hemp derived products that are legal to purchase, sell, own, and consume.

This also means cannabinoids (chemicals found in Marijuana) other than Delta-9 (THC) are legal. Delta-8 still has THC in it but it’s lower than the threshold needed to be considered illegal. Now that we have the legal stuff out of the way, let’s take a look at some great Delta-8 brands you should consider buying.

We will cover things like customer service, transparency, reputation, and product variety.

Our top pick: Exhale Wellness

Here is a quote from their About Us page “Our Philosophy Is Simple.. Nature Holds The Key To Wellness.” Their goal as a company is to provide the highest rated natural hemp company. All of their products are created using farm grown Colorado hemp.

I believe this holds true as navigating through the website I feel a sense to educate the buyer and lead them to a product that makes sense for them. In fact, you can receive a 20% off coupon for your first order by signing up to the mailing list.

Customer service

While they do provide a ton of information, it’s also nice to see a chatbot, email address, and phone number to get a hold of someone. If you ever have questions about a product or issues with your order, most of the time you must submit a form and wait for support to get back to you.

Return policy is another important factor and seeing there is a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee further emphasizes how much Exhale Wellness believes in their products.


Every reputable brand must have 3rd party tested products and make it very easy for you to find them. Exhale has a whole page dedicated to the lab results that was easy to find and available for PDF download.

I’d say that’s transparent.


With over 5,000 reviews with a 4.4/5 star rating through the 3rd party review site Trustpilot, I’d say that’s a company who has been around and has grown a large following. I’ve gone through some of the reviews and even the negative ones will have a reply form Exhale reaching out with assistance. Not to mention they have been featured on major news publications like Forbes and the Los Angeles Times.

Product Variety

Exhale only sells their own products on their website, but the variety is huge, Delta-8 Delta-9, Delta-10, CBD, and HHC, all Exhale branded. You’ll find gummies, carts, flowers, edibles, pre-rolls and much more.

A close second: BudPop

BudPop is a new player hitting the market that is led by young professionals that believe in developing 100% natural hemp-based products as alternatives to antidepressants and steroid-based relaxers. Manufactured in the United States, all of these products are 3rd party lab tested and have received many rave reviews from their customers

Customer Service

Being that this is a newer start up they are lacking some things that matter to us like customer service. Starting off with the bad, there is no number to call for inquiries. Unfortunately, the only form of communication so far is through chatbot, email, and form submission.

Aside from that they seem to match the same quality from 30-day money back returns, free shipping on all US orders, and offering a 20% off coupon when signing up for their mailing list.


As I mentioned earlier, every reputable company in the market should have 3rd party testing performed on their products. BudPop has also made it easy to see all 3rd party lab results, available in downloadable PDFs.


On their homepage there is a section that displays reviews for the various products they offer. When looking further into it, all the reviews are from within their own website from verified purchasers. While having reviews is important and I appreciate the verified buyer’s badge, I’d like to see more. Perhaps a link to their social media profiles.

On the plus side they have also been featured in Forbes, LA Weekly, and Men’s Journal.

Product Variety

Here is another area that will see improvement over time as the company matures. The current selection has Delta-8, Delta-9, CBD, HHC, and even Melatonin supplements. The total amount of products is under 25, which is a good start but not yet enough when compared to Exhale.

Third times a charm: Hollyweed

The 3rd company on our list is Hollyweed. I believe they sell a good product that can compete with the likes of Exhale and BudPop. As they mention on their website and product page, 100% naturally grown, with no GMOs. But when I go to their about page to find the mission behind their product, I feel like the passion may be missing. Allow me to explain.

Customer Service

When it comes to getting in contact with Hollyweed, they do have all the options. Phone number, email, chat bot, form submission, physical address, and hours of operation..

When scrolling through the reviews I noticed some of the older negative ones don’t have any responses to it. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, but not seeing customer engagement is definitely a red flag. Aside from that, all orders offer free shipping with a 30-day money back guarantee on most products. But they do not offer any discount for subscribing to their newsletter.


Hollyweed does provide a page on their website that shows the lab results of different products they offer, but not all. On this page you’ll find downloadable PDFs for their CBD line of products but not their Delta-8 line. After searching through some of the Delta-8 product pages I can’t seem to find any CoA for the Delta-8 products. I did notice in some of the reviews Hollyweed will email you the results if asked, but it’s a hit or miss.

However, they do provide a ton of information on their collection pages for each type of product they sell.


Hollyweed also uses the 3rd party site Trustpilot, which is a great sign of faith from the business. As of writing this article they have a little bit over 400 with an average total rating of 4.3/5 stars. According to their homepage they have also been featured in publications like Vice, Vanity Fair, and TIME. One thing I would like to see improvement on is their mission and about us page.

In this market trust and standing behind your product is everything. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, this seems to be a firm that puts together a product they believe in but that’s about it. They don’t discuss where it’s sourced, the people behind it, or the mission.

Product Variety

Hollyweed’s selection is limited. So far they offer Delta-8, CBD, and HHC. As the company continues to refine their process and grow their business, I’m sure more options will become available.

4th Up to Bat: 3CHI

3CHI is very reputable when it comes to their gummies, in fact their watermelon flavor has over a thousand reviews alone. Not to mention their own NASCAR partnership with Richard Childress Racing for the 2022 season. They are definitely doing great things for the industry in bringing awareness to Delta-8 and CBD.

With this commercial approach they may not always sell the most potent products, but they are affordable when compared to the competition which makes up for it.

Customer Service

3CHI offers 2 major ways to get in contact with them, phone number and form submission. Which isn’t bad but looking at the fine print, phone calls are for maybe placing orders only? Here is a quote from their contact us page:

“Do not call if you have an issue with a missing product from your shipment or problem with a product that arrived damaged from shipping. Use the form above and include a picture of your entire order, the box, and packing slip. This will expedite us fixing the issue. Thanks!”

So, then submission is really the only way to get help with your order. You also cannot email them directly unless it’s for media inquiries.

Benefits to first time buyers are also lacking, they don’t seem to offer free shipping within the US, or any 30-day money back guarantee. 3CHI does not offer any newsletter signup either, so no first time coupons for you.

One thing I do appreciate about 3CHI is they offer a rewards program for the loyal customers. Every 100 points earns you $1, and every dollar you spend earns you 5 points.


Out of all the companies here today, 3CHI has the best webpage when it comes to lab testing. Every product they have for sale can be found on this page with full transparency in downloadable PDF. Each product page also has a ton of detailed information outlining the description, active ingredients, and directions.


3CHI is also the most popular brand among this list just to name a few features: ESPN, Rolling Stone, and ABC News. Also being a part of NASCAR further emphasizes how strong their reputation is.

Product Variety

3CHI also has a large selection of products to offer, Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, CBD, HHC, and many more. You might be wondering why they’re ranked 4 on this list. Since they sell to a commercial setting, they don’t really tell you where their product is sourced nor do they sell extremely potent options.

Coming in at number 5: Diamond CBD

While Diamond CBD sells more than just their brand of product, they provide a ton of detailed information on each product they offer. Navigating to the general shop page allows you to have tons of filters to find the right product for you. Category, Mood, Brand, Type, Active Ingredient, Strength, Featured and Price Range.

These filters are great for newcomers and give greater buying power when choosing the right product for your particular uses.

Customer Service

I’ll keep this simple; Diamond CBD seems to have all the boxes checked when it comes to getting in contact with them. Chatbot, email, form submission, address, and phone number. However, I don’t see hours of operation listed anywhere so getting a response is a mystery.

Shipping seems to also be a little bit of a mystery; you are required to make an account before getting shipping options when at checkout. They do state free 2-Day shipping on orders over $100, so most likely will have to pay shipping if you’re looking for something small. Their return policy offers 30-day returns on U.S. retail orders, but the return policy details seem to be very strict.

Diamond CBD also offers up to a 50% off coupon when you sign up to their mailing list.


The transparency and information on each product page is top notch. Each page contains detailed product information from the description, key facts, Ingredients, and most importantly lab reports. Only downside being these reports are not downloadable PDFs, just pictures.

They also offer an affiliate program that may interest potential entrepreneurs looking to get into this business.


When it comes to reviews Diamond CBD has tons of them, they claim over 10,000 of them. While that may be true its due to the sheer volume of product they offer and the number of reviews each one gets. That’s great to hear, as most of the products I’ve looked through average a 4.5-5 star rating from verified purchasers.

However, keep in mind that badges and reviews are done through their website and not on a 3rd party app. I would like to see them move to that system in the future. Unfortunately Diamond CBD has not been featured in any news publication, and feels more like a marketplace than a dedicated brand.

Product Variety

This is where Diamond CBD outshines the competition on this list, the sheer amount of volume they offer. If you’re looking for a product in this industry, they will most likely carry it. Diamond CBD also does not shy away from extremely high potent products either, carrying in the range of over 1200MG.

In conclusion

They’re a ton of Delta-8 brands, this is just a short list of who we feel are good Delta-8 brands to buy from. While online stores have the most convenience of purchase, physical stores provide something these can’t, human interaction and honest advice. Speaking of, if you are located in Bradenton, FL and are looking for a reliable store, come by Centuries Harvest!